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Before and After Metal Restoration for Exterior Doors on Commercial Building
Fall maintenance for commercial buildings includes a number of preventive steps to prepare for the colder months ahead. Managers must pay close attention to architectural surfaces that may be in need of cleaning, repair and refurbishing.
Glass refinisher removing hard water stains from glass exterior
Professional glass restoration is recommended for removing existing hard water stains. In addition, treatments that protect against future damage help to ensure a longer service life and easier cleaning.
Before and after anodized aluminum refinishing
Anodized aluminum is among the most widely used metals in commercial buildings, and for good reason. As with other architectural assets, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for maintaining aesthetic appearance, correcting damage and preserving asset value.
Early photo of Mid America Metals van
With 36 years of architectural refinishing expertise under our belts, Mid America Specialty Services (MASS) continues to provide the exceptional service our clients can count on.
Technician cleaning tile and grout floor with autoscrubber
George Smith, Southwest Regional Director of Sales for Mid America Specialty Services (MASS), says the grout in office buildings is often white or light grey, which tends to show dirt quickly. That makes preventive grout maintenance a top priority.
Roger Krick Director of Facade Services at Mid America
Roger Krick, Director of Facade Services for Mid America Specialty Services (MASS), has earned certification as a Level I Coating Inspector from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.
Brick wall before and after efflorescence removal
Efflorescence affects almost every type of masonry, according to Roger Krick, Director of Facade Services for Mid America Specialty Services. It shows up on brick, granite, marble, stucco and other natural stone surfaces.
Refinished floor in a lobby
From prestigious office buildings to college campuses, natural stone floors enhance the look and feel of almost any facility. Proper care on a consistent basis preserves the value of terrazzo, marble, granite, travertine, concrete and other stone materials. But mopping alone isn’t enough.
Exterior facade of office building
By guarding against future damage and correcting small problems early, you can reduce the need for more costly repairs down the road. For an effective maintenance program, you’ll want to work with professional refinishers who understand the different sources of damage affecting your facade.

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