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Bronze elevator door after metal refinishing to mimic appearance of stainless steel
Boost patient satisfaction scores and overall patient experience with professional metal refinishing for your healthcare facilities. Contact us to learn more!
Stone floor refinishing can give your floors a higher slip coefficient for greater traction and lower slip and fall risk. Contact Mid America Metals to learn more about improving stone floor safety throughout your facility.
Proactive maintenance for architectural surfaces & other assets boosts the value of your building & cuts repair bills later on. Learn about the benefits of a facility maintenance plan that includes a comprehensive service contract & contact us for more info.
Stone is unique. It will last you a lifetime, but it needs lots of TLC to do so. That’s the advice of Vic LaRico, Stone Division Account Manager at Mid America Specialty Services.
Vic LaRico, Stone Division Account Manager for Mid America Metals, gives an inside look at stone floor restoration work for the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. An ongoing historic restoration project on this Midwestern landmark is set to wrap up by the end of 2019.
stainless steel elevators
Elevators are among the most expensive assets in your facility. New commercial elevators typically cost , and new doors alone require significant outlays.  Metal refinishing by qualified technicians is one way to get like-new results without having to pay a like-new price.
Quality metal restoration ensures superior results for building facade renovation & maintenance. Look for experts who know how to utilize the right products & apply them correctly. Contact Mid America Metals for more info on our facade restoration services.
refinished floor
When managers for a large automotive headquarters in Plano, Texas decided it was time to improve their facility, grout cleaning was a top priority. They understood that aesthetic value goes a long way toward making that all-important first impression and maintaining a positive environment both inside and out. Professional grout cleaning, performed by well-trained technicians, is a wise investment across industries.
Facade restoration plays a central role in your external building maintenance program. Professional facade repair & cleaning can remove built-up damage & protect against future problems. Contact Mid America Metals for more info on facade restoration service.

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