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Visit our blog for up-to-date information on the architectural restoration industry. We cover a wide variety of topics to help managers restore and maintain the appearance, safety and value of commercial buildings.

Structural steel construction frame
When considering metal building materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze or aluminum, look beyond the initial price tag and think about serviceability and cost of ownership.
commercial window cleaning being performed on skyscraper
Routine window cleaning is essential for removing dirt and debris to maintain a professional appearance. But cleaning alone isn’t enough to get rid of all the damage that accumulates over time.
Modern hotel corridor refinished by Mid America Specialty Services
As any hotel manager knows, guest satisfaction – or a lack thereof – can make or break your success. When customers leave with a positive experience, that engenders a sense of trust in your brand.
Thirty seventh anniversary image
If you take care of your customers and employees, your company will succeed. These are the core values that have driven us forward at Mid America Specialty Services since 1985. It’s these same values that continue to earn the trust of our clients after 37 years and counting. 
before and after of oxidizing elevator doors
Oxidation metal refinishing can update the look of your metal surfaces without the cost of replacement. Learn about brass refinishing & other metal refinishing services.
Facade restoration plays a central role in your external building maintenance program. Professional facade repair and cleaning can remove built-up damage and protect against future problems. Read our top four reasons why you should prioritize facade restoration.
Building facade in need of refinishing
A beautiful facade plays an instrumental role in attracting profitable tenants and customers.  That makes enhancing asset value a top priority when it comes to maintenance and restoration. A proactive approach means problems are corrected early, while they’re much easier and less expensive to fix.
before and after of exterior limestone facade cleaning
How do you care for limestone exterior walls? Learn about our 4-step process for cleaning & sealing limestone walls to preserve beauty & value.
Why invest in a preventive maintenance program for metal, stone & wood surfaces in your sports facility? Learn about the benefits here!

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