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Dodi Whitmire
Forty years after launching her career, Whitmire talks about what she’s learned, as well as current opportunities and challenges driving the industry forward. As one of the six Donat siblings, Whitmire joined MASS in 1985, soon after the company was founded by her brothers Dale, Dean and Don.
Stone floor interior of commercial building with elevator
Safe, clean floors have always been a top priority for commercial building managers. Even moreso during a time of global pandemic. It’s a “really big thing right now,” observes Vic LaRico, Stone Division Account Manager for Mid America Specialty Services (MASS).
before and after of grafitti removal
Businesses across America have been hit with significant damage from riots and looting during the summer of 2020. That’s on top of lost revenues caused by shutdown orders enacted in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
Office building with glass facade
Facade restoration expert Roger Krick discusses refinishing and maintenance for commercial exteriors. Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more.
before and after of knight plaque metal refinishing
A year-and-a-half long renovation has breathed new life into the John Sevier State Office Building in Downtown Nashville. Contact us to learn more!
Dale and Brandon Donat of Mid America Specialty Services accept an award
From three brothers with a passion for metal refinishing to a one-stop provider for all hard surface restoration, our first 35 years have paved the way for continued success at Mid America Specialty Services. Today, clients continue to trust our family-owned business for their building and maintenance needs.
Worker disinfecting metal elevator buttons
Antimicrobial coatings inhibit pathogens while protecting surface appearance. Contact us for info on commercial metal refinishing and other services.
Bronze elevator door after metal refinishing to mimic appearance of stainless steel
Boost patient satisfaction scores and overall patient experience with professional metal refinishing for your healthcare facilities. Contact us to learn more!
Before and after of tile cleaning
Stone floor refinishing can give your floors a higher slip coefficient for greater traction and lower slip and fall risk. Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more about improving stone floor safety throughout your facility.

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