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Visit our blog for up-to-date information on the architectural restoration industry. We cover a wide variety of topics to help managers restore and maintain the appearance, safety and value of commercial buildings.

Most building managers already know that routine cleaning of exterior masonry is essential for maintaining a professional appearance that makes a good first impression.
LEED Certification
At a time of high energy costs and environmental concerns, commercial buildings face pressure to deliver increased efficiency, a low carbon footprint and healthy indoor air.  LEED certification is one way to make progress toward these goals.
Most people must use the elevator to reach their destination within a commercial building. This makes your elevators one of the most visible assets on the inside of your facility. Keeping them well-maintained is absolutely essential for making the right impression on tenants and visitors.
Copper is vulnerable to various forms of damage and has unique maintenance needs. Whether your goal is to maintain its original shiny appearance or speed up the patination process, Mid America Specialty Services offers the specialized finishing techniques required to achieve your goals.
Building Exterior
At Mid America Specialty Services, we work with clients in multiple industries and geographic regions to restore and preserve a number of architectural surfaces. Here’s an overview of the damage cold weather can do, along with ways to lessen the impact.
It is with great pleasure that we reflect on the remarkable journey we have taken and express our gratitude to all those who have played a part in shaping our company into what it is today.
Brick surface with left side treated for mold and right side untreated
Mold forms an ugly grime which degrades the appearance of your building and cannot be removed with conventional cleaning products. Specialized methods and cleaners are required to get rid of mold growth and keep it away.
Aluminum window frame
Mid America Specialty Services refinishes painted aluminum for many applications, including retail storefronts, historical restoration, government facilities and commercial buildings.
Structural steel construction frame
When considering metal building materials like stainless steel, brass, bronze or aluminum, look beyond the initial price tag and think about serviceability and cost of ownership.

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