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Mid America Specialty Services restores the appearance and function of your building facade to enhance the appearance, strength and value of your property. Whether you’re looking for repairs, restoration, or just some guidance on how to maintain the quality and beauty of your metal, glass, or stone facade, Mid America Speciality Services can help you.

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Our Services

Mid America can return your facade to its glory days with a little tender love and care from our experts.

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Anodized Aluminum Restoration

aluminum restoration

Anodized aluminum window frames or panels can become very dirty from pollutants, UV exposure and even acid rain.  This can make the appearance of your building less than pleasing. 

On top of that, allowing those contaminants to remain on the surface can cause damage to the protective anodized layer.  If left untreated for too long, major restoration may be necessary.   

MASS provides solutions to clean away surface contaminants and protect the anodized finish for many years.  Our clear coatings renew the fresh look of anodized aluminum and provide extended protection. We also use low-VOC-compliant applications.

Painted Aluminum - High-Performance Coatings (Kynar-Based Paint)

Today’s architectural components require protection, performance, and aesthetics. Many advancements have occurred in coating systems in order to meet this need. 

Fluoropolymer or PVDF coatings offer protection for all types of materials including aluminum, masonry, stucco and other surfaces.  With a range of custom colors available, a PVDF coating can provide color retention and protection for at least 20+ years.  

As an applicator of field-applied fluoropolymer coatings, MASS provides a wide range of services.  We can touch-up new installations that may have been damaged or apply coatings to entire buildings to avoid extremely costly replacements.

Stainless Steel Restoration

Let MASS help you restore and protect the stainless steel on your building façade. Like many architectural components, stainless steel is exposed to many elements that may affect its appearance: 

  • Surfaces can become dirty with atmospheric contaminants, including chlorides, that can damage the metal. 
  • In some instances, corrosion or rust may occur. This should be addressed to avoid further damage. 
  • The surface can be damaged through scratching or improper cleaning methods. 

MASS technicians can remove unsightly staining and scratches to bring back the original finish.  Stainless steel can also be protected by a passivation process or specifically designed clear coatings. 

Copper Restoration - Patina

Copper architectural features give a distinctive character to a building.  With specially designed processes, MASS technicians can masterfully apply a variety of finishes to achieve the look you desire.

Bright shiny finishes give a look like a “new penny”.  This finish must be protected with a clear sealer to keep that look. 

A blue-green patina finish characterizes the look of an old copper roof.  This natural protective coating of the copper takes years to develop on its own.  At MASS, we use special techniques and advanced products to give your copper that classic look without the wait.

Glass Restoration

At MASS, our skilled technicians utilize the latest materials and equipment to get rid of damage and restore glass surfaces. Services include removal of hard water staining, etching and scratches.

Mineral deposits on glass surfaces come from many sources, including:

  • Rain
  • Irrigation systems
  • Leaching from concrete or chalking paint 

The results can leave light or severe damage to glass on most building facades.  If addressed in its early stages, this film can be easily removed. As time passes and the deposits build, however, additional measures must be taken to remove the damage thoroughly. 

In other instances, surfaces may become scratched or marred due to improper cleaning or other work.  Repairs of this type require professionals to properly remove the scratches and resurface the glass.  Whether it is a small area or the entire side of the building façade, we can provide our expertise to repair your glass.

Masonry Cleaning and Sealing

MASS provides tailored solutions for your masonry cleaning and sealing needs.

Concrete, precast, brick and stone will develop discoloration or streaks caused by an accumulation of dirt and debris running down the side of the building.  Not only does this degrade your building’s appearance, it can cause permanent damage if neglected for too long.  As part of regular maintenance on your building’s façade, MASS provides cleaning services to address even the toughest stains.   

If concrete, precast, brick or stone is not properly sealed, water can penetrate, including the water used for cleaning.  Properly applied treatments can protect these surfaces from damage caused by water penetration. 

Ask Our Experts

Turn to Mid America Specialty Services for more information about our facade services. Guided by industry-leading expertise, we’ll Identify the sources of damage and select right solutions to address your facade needs. 


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