Facade Restoration & Maintenance

Mid America Specialty Services restores the appearance and function of your building facade to enhance the appearance, strength and value of your property. Whether you’re looking for repairs, restoration, or just some guidance on how to maintain the quality and beauty of your metal, glass, or stone facade, Mid America Speciality Services can help you.

Facade Restoration and Repair Services

Our professional refinishers have the experience and training to give you outstanding results on renovations, one-time repairs and custom service contracts. We work commonly with a variety of facade materials, including:

Our processes for restoring, refinishing, and repairing each type of material is specialized and customized for your needs. 

Exterior Metal Refinishing and Restoration

Mid America Specialty Services restores the color and luster of exterior metal to like-new condition. We add a layer of protection against future damage from ultraviolet light, extreme weather, pollution and other factors. We have worked with a wide variety of metal materials. Our experts are equipped to make all kinds of metals look like new. Here are a few:

Mid America can help your business’s facade return to its glory days with a little tender love and care from our experts. We’re here to guide you to your ideal appearance. After all, first impressions can say a lot. Mid America Speciality Services is happy to help make your first impression strong to impress your customers and clients.

Window Frame Restoration

Just like other metal facade materials, your window frames may need attention to return them to tip-top shape. Over time, metal window frames take on a faded or chalky appearance due to oxidation.

Our refinishers will reverse the effects of oxidation to restore the color and sheen to your window frames.

We can also apply a variety of high-performance paints to update the look of your frames and protect against future damage.

Exterior Glass Restoration, Polishing, And Repairing

Window cleaning alone is not enough to keep architectural glass in acceptable condition. Using a little generic window cleaner is great for short-term restoration but will never return your glass surfaces to perfect condition. Mid America Speciality Services will help make your glass surfaces look like new and extend their life to save you money in the long-run.

Our glass refinishers use advanced products and polishing methods to give your exterior a fresh, updated appearance.

We remove hard water stains, etching and other damage.

Stone Facade Restoration and Cleaning

Facade maintenance doesn’t come down to just a simple clean. Our work is aimed at extending the life of your surfaces. At Mid America Specialty Services, our stone restoration experts know how to restore and protect your exterior stone walls. Here are some of the strategies we use to ensure the longevity of your facade:

General purpose masonry cleaning

Cleaning and sealing

Efflorescence removal, typically from brick

Power washing and removal of vandalism or graffiti

These are just some of the strategies we use to help promote your business’s aesthetic appeal and save you money on full replacements in the future.

Facade Restoration Gallery

Mid America Specialty Services gives you stunning results to help your facade make that all-important first impression. Here are some of our impressive examples:

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