Professional Grout Repair, Refinishing, & Maintenance

Repairing grout between tiles at college universities, commercial properties, and government buildings across the United States is a service we are proud to offer as an industry leader. At Mid America Speciality Services, we draw upon years of experience to make replacing grout in your facility an appearance-boosting investment lasting for years to come.

As a grout restoration expert, we are equipped to handle your questions and concerns. You may be asking:

  • How can you remove stains from hard-to-reach spots like in the grout of your kitchen or bathroom tile? 
  • What does repairing grout look like? 
  • How can you restore your grout to its original color? 

All these questions and more we are able to answer before making improvements on the appearance of your building.

We know that it’s the small details, like replacing grout in floor tiles, that can make a big difference when trying to impress customers or clients when they step foot into your facility. While we offer grout repair and cleaning to boost the appearance and condition of your facility, we also work on renovations, one-time repairs, and customized maintenance plans.

Grout Repair Near You

With locations in 11 cities across the United States, our professional refinishers are ready to help you make a great first impression and achieve a healthy environment both inside and out. As you consider your replacing tile grout, consider the benefits our grout cleaning and repair services can have:

Improve the appearance of entryways, exteriors, walkways, restrooms, conference rooms, guest rooms and more.

Remove dirt, mold and unsightly debris that builds up over time.

Kill germs to reduce the risk of infection and protect the health, safety and comfort of building occupants.

Provide grout sealing to protect against future damage and make routine cleaning a breeze.

Proactive Grout Restoration

Whether you’re looking for a refresh or looking to avoid regrouting, Mid America Specialty Services can have your grout looking like new and saving you money in the long run by adding extra protections. If you suspect heavy grout damage, our professional refinishers are trained and ready to repair grout in your facility.

To get started, call us at 800-544-4576 or scroll down to view and complete our contact page.

Grout Refinishing Gallery

Our refinishing experts have the experience and training to deliver stunning results to maximize tenant and visitor satisfaction. Here are just some examples of how your grout can look after Mid America Speciality Services goes to work:

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