Wood Refinishing, Restoration & Maintenance

Mid America Specialty Services restores the beauty and functionality of architectural wood accents and surfaces. Turn to us for one-time repairs and touch-ups, renovations and customized maintenance plans.  We offer competitive pricing for the top-notch service we offer to get your wood surfaces looking like new. Reach out to our experts to learn more about how we can help.

Architectural Wood Assets

Our professional refinishers have the training and experience to restore wood accents and boost the value and appearance of your building. We have worked on a wide variety of surfaces and projects. Here are some of the common projects and items we have worked to refinish and refurbish:

Wood Restoration Services

Mid America Specialty Services utilizes advanced methods to restore architectural wood to a like-new finish. We accomplish this using a variety of techniques tailored to you based on the type of damage and condition of your project. Here are some of the common techniques and tools we use:

  • Scratch repair
  • Vandalism repair
  • Touch-up and polish
  • Onsite furniture restoration
  • Stripping, staining and refinishing
  • Color changes
  • Full restorations

Wood Refinishing Gallery

Mid America Specialty Services preserves the richness and character of architectural wood assets throughout your facility. Browse some of our successes and before-and-after images:

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If you need wood refinishing for a renovation or ongoing maintenance, Mid America Specialty Services is ready to help. Reach out to us today to get started.

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