Training at Mid America Specialty Services

Mid America Speciality Services is committed to the training and advancement of our employees. In fact, we are so passionate about employee training that we have invested in a training department so we can be on the cutting edge of training technology.

Our extensive Apprenticeship Program includes on-the-job training milestones and testing requirements to achieve Foreman and Master Foreman status.

Our team has taken the training to another level with creative training materials and has made the classes not only informative but FUN!


Our training department has created innovative e-learning courses filled with up-to-date training that is specific for Mid America Specialty Services.

Get the best of both worlds! We combine web-based training with hands-on experience for a blended learning environment. You get access to content through a dedicated education website, along with interactive tests that let you track your progress.

Training Videos

We create original, informative training videos in-house at our very own Mid America Specialty Services Productions, located in our corporate office.

State-of-the-art cameras and editing equipment let us quickly make professional-grade videos covering a range of topics. That means our employees are always up-to-date on the latest refinishing techniques and products. 

Classroom Training

With some topics nothing beats a good instructor-led training session from our own subject matter experts…our own employees! We cover a number of topics from the latest refinishing techniques and management skills.

Throughout the year, our master refinishers share their wisdom with all employees in our offices around the country. From time to time, we hear from nationally-recognized industry experts and consultants. Many employees also have the opportunity to attend specialized schools to sharpen their skills.

Printed Materials

Technology is great, but sometimes it’s best to have a good old-fashioned handbook or printed training material.

From the very first publication of our original “Metals Refinishers Handbook,” we have continuously developed up-to-date handbooks to facilitate the training process. All team members receive an informative New Employee Handbook on day one. Employees who are ready to advance their careers must pass a rigorous printed test to move up the ladder in Operations.

Learn About Careers at Mid America Specialty Services

Training is just one of many great reasons to work at Mid America Specialty Services. We offer many opportunities to advance your career, along with attractive benefits and a supportive family-oriented culture. Visit our Careers page to apply!

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