Architectural Restoration for Healthcare

Mid America Specialty Services provides restoration and maintenance for hospitals, medical office buildings, nursing facilities and more. We help you achieve a clean, safe and attractive environment that promotes patient healing and comfort.

Maintenance presents a significant challenge for medical office buildings, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, especially when resources are tight. Preventative maintenance is just as important as restoration work. 

The Importance of Clean, Up-to-Date Facilities

Healthcare facilities that promote the aesthetic, restoration efforts, and maintenance work have higher patient satisfaction. More than 600 studies have found that the hospital environment plays a role in patient assessments and health outcomes. A well-maintained facility makes patients feel safe, comfortable and confident in the care they receive.

Commitment to Safety

Mid America Specialty Services takes numerous measures to protect patients, employees and visitors.

All professional refinishers complete proprietary safety training.

We help you achieve a non-slip finish for stone floors with advanced stone floor restoration methods and technologies.

We have an excellent on-the-job safety record, with an EMR rating of .82

Questions About Healthcare Restoration Services?

We would be happy to walk through all of your options for restoration and proactive maintenance for your healthcare facility. Reach out to us, and we’ll outline your options and create a specialized plan for you.

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Reach out to Mid America Specialty Services for details on architectural restoration and maintenance for healthcare facilities.

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