Architectural Restoration & Maintenance for Government Buildings

Since 1985, Mid America Specialty Services has provided architectural restoration for federal, state and local buildings across America.

Proactive maintenance is an important part of keeping any building up-to-date. For government buildings, like city halls, court buildings, museums or more, keeping buildings in good condition is more cost-effective than waiting until there’s a problem.

However, Mid America Specialty Services offers effective restoration services when long-term or short-term damage needs to be solved. We are committed to providing the best maintenance and restoration services available.

Commitment to Safety

We go above and beyond to ensure safety throughout the restoration and maintenance process. Our professional refinishers complete an intensive, proprietary safety school, followed by ongoing inspections and certifications.

Mid America Specialty Services is fully compliant with rigorous ISNetworld standards, a nationally-recognized safety certification program. Our current EMR rating is 0.81.

Investment in Training

When you partner with Mid America Specialty Services, you can rest assured that only qualified experts will be working on your project. All of our refinishers complete an extensive Apprenticeship Program, with the opportunity to earn Foreman and Master Foreman designations.

Benefits of Maintenance and Restoration

There are many other benefits of maintenance and restoration services for public buildings. These include:

Present a positive first impression by removing built up grime and restoring thee original surfaces’ shine

Keep your facility safe by maintaining proper traction, which reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Protect against weather-related damage, such as tracked in snow, ice and ice-melt chemicals during the winter.

Remove scratches, scrapes, vandalism and other damage from surfaces

Preserve aesthetic value with high quality products that maintain proper distinctness of image.

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