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What Causes Efflorescence & How to Fix It

Efflorescence affects almost every type of masonry, according to Roger Krick, Director of Facade Services for Mid America Specialty Services. It shows up on brick, granite, marble, stucco and other natural stone surfaces.

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Maintain Asset Value with Preventive Facade Maintenance

By guarding against future damage and correcting small problems early, you can reduce the need for more costly repairs down the road. For an effective maintenance program, you’ll want to work with professional refinishers who understand the different sources of damage affecting your facade.

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Celebrating 35 Years of Architectural Restoration Leadership

From three brothers with a passion for metal refinishing to a one-stop provider for all hard surface restoration, our first 35 years have paved the way for continued success at Mid America Specialty Services. Today, clients continue to trust our family-owned business for their building and maintenance needs.

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