Category: Metal Refinishing

Invest in Elevator Refinishing to Impress Tenants & Visitors

Most people must use the elevator to reach their destination within a commercial building. This makes your elevators one of the most visible assets on the inside of your facility. Keeping them well-maintained is absolutely essential for making the right impression on tenants and visitors.

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Professional Care & Restoration for Architectural Copper

Copper is vulnerable to various forms of damage and has unique maintenance needs. Whether your goal is to maintain its original shiny appearance or speed up the patination process, Mid America Specialty Services offers the specialized finishing techniques required to achieve your goals.

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Proactive Public Building Maintenance

Facility maintenance, including stone & metal restoration, is a great way to exhaust your fiscal budget or plan next year’s budget. Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more about the benefits of metal & stone restoration services for public building maintenance.

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