Proactive Public Building Maintenance

Facility maintenance, including stone & metal restoration, is a great way to exhaust your fiscal budget or plan next year’s budget. Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more about the benefits of metal & stone restoration services for public building maintenance.

Wise use of taxpayer dollars is a top priority for decision makers at every level of government.

And proactive maintenance for public facilities is an important part of any fiscal budget. From state capitals, city halls and court buildings, to historic landmarks, museums or education facilities, keeping buildings in good condition is more cost-effective than waiting until accumulated damage becomes more expensive and difficult to repair.

Let’s take a look at the role of metal and stone restoration in preserving the functional and aesthetic value of public buildings for employees and visitors alike.

Metal Refinishing for Public Facilities

Metal assets such as elevator doors, handrails and entryways contribute to the convenience, safety and appearance of your building.

Elevator doors take lots of abuse from scratches, scrapes, vandalism and other damage. Many organizations think the only option is to replace the doors entirely — a costly decision that eats up precious funds that could have been invested in other worthwhile projects. Professional metal refinishing restores the appearance of elevator doors at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Experts from Mid America Specialty Services have restored elevator doors for a number of prominent public and private facilities, using a process that involves mechanical sanding and hand finishing and final polishing. For buildings needing an updated appearance, an innovative metal conversion system can transform the look of brass or bronze to look exactly like stainless steel, giving the facility a clean, contemporary atmosphere.

Handrails, signage, display cases and ornamental pieces like those found in the Cincinnati Union Terminal also become degraded over time. Surface contamination is treated with mild abrasives and pH-neutral synthetic detergents, which restores the appearance while retaining their historic integrity.  

Entryways and storefronts must make a positive first impression on visitors to public facilities like the historic Soldiers’ Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis. Restoration involves carefully removing built-up surface grime and old coatings to expose the raw base material, followed by hand refinishing to smooth out the grained surface and restore color and luster.

Stone Floor Restoration for Public Facilities

Proper stone floor maintenance takes more than a mop and bucket.

Porous surfaces like terrazzo and marble require ongoing maintenance to retain their value, and qualified stone floor experts know how to remove scratches, unevenness called lippage and other damage from wear and tear. Comprehensive stone floor protection helps floors resist scratches, scuffs and stains, while regular cleaning and burnishing prevent the build-up of tracked in debris.

There are many other benefits of regular stone floor maintenance for public buildings:


Are you looking for a good investment for exhausting this year’s fiscal budget, or for planning next year’s? Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more about the benefits of metal and stone maintenance for public facilities in your jurisdiction.

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