Metal Restoration Honors History of Sacrifice at Soldiers Memorial Renovation in St. Louis

Aluminum refinishing helps with historic renovation of Soldiers Memorial Military Museum. Learn more about metal refinishing by Mid America Specialty Services.


The Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis pays tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I and other American conflicts.

Nearly 80 years after its official opening on Memorial Day 1938, this gorgeous art deco facility is getting a well-deserved upgrade. The Missouri Historical Society is overseeing a multi-million dollar renovation so that future generations will continue to be inspired by the heroic stories told by the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts.

Mid America Specialty Services was selected to provide antique metal restoration for internal and external aluminum surfaces in this one-of-a-kind facility in the heart of St. Louis.

Historical Society Oversees Historic Building Restoration

Designed by St. Louis architectural firm Mauran, Russell & Crowell, construction on the original structure began in October 1935, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the site a year later in October 1936.

BSI Constructors is working on the current project in conjunction with the City of St. Louis, Missouri Historical Society and Mackey Mitchell Architects.

Renovations will help to maintain structural integrity, ensure ADA compliance, protect artifacts and double the amount of exhibition space on the lower floor, among other improvements.

Historic Metal Restoration Process

Metal restoration experts from Mid America Specialty Services worked on the interior and exterior of the 1930s-era art deco aluminum decorative grilles, window frames, storefronts and railings in the museum.

  • Technicians cleaned off years of surface contaminants to bring back the beauty of the metal assets.
  • The restoration process also preserved the original look of these historic features.
  • The key was to find the right balance of mild abrasives and cleaning agents, while not being too aggressive and changing the finish and intent of the original designers.

Soldiers Memorial Slated for Reopening by Veterans Day 2018

Closed to the public since February 2016, the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum will reopen in time for Veterans Day 2018. Exhibits will tell the stories of U.S. wars from World War I through the current War on Terror, through the lense of St. Louis soldiers and families.

The main floor will be home to the museum’s permanent collection, while the lower floor will feature rotating exhibitions.

“We are honored to be part of the extensive restoration of one of St. Louis’ historic treasures, a city in which we’ve been doing business for over 30 years,” says Brandon Donat, Midwest Regional Vice President for Mid America Specialty Services.


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