Improve Store Appearance with Metal, Stone, Wood and Glass Restoration

Maintaining your store atmosphere is essential for boosting sales. Learn how metal, stone, wood and glass restoration services can improve store appearance.


If you manage any type of brick-and-mortar retail store, you already know it’s a very competitive business environment these days.

That makes it all the more essential to make a good impression from the moment a consumer first approaches your entrance from the outside all the way to the cash register. You must go the extra mile to create an appealing store ambiance, and that includes keeping your facilities in good condition and up-to-date in appearance.

One survey conducted a few years ago reinforces why appearance is important in creating a shopping atmosphere that draws traffic and boosts sales:

  • 95% of consumers rate building appearance as important in deciding where to shop.
  • ⅔ of consumers have avoided a place of business because of its physical appearance.
  • Over half of consumers (52%) have avoided a place of business because it “looked dirty” on the outside.

The condition of your metal, stone, wood and glass surfaces goes a long way in determining how good your store looks to consumers.

Like all high-traffic facilities that are open to the general public, retail stores suffer a lot of wear and tear over time.

  • Main entrances and storefronts
  • Window frames and metal awnings
  • Display cases
  • Glass scratch removal
  • Stone facades and natural stone floors
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Light fixtures
  • Wood doors and accents

By investing in preventive maintenance that includes metal and stone restoration services, wood refurbishment and glass refinishing, you can keep your assets up-to-date and maintain a positive retail environment for years to come.

Metal Refinishing Maintains Retail Store Atmosphere

From scuffs and scratches to vandalism to pollutants that get tracked or blown in, metal surfaces lose their luster as the months and years go by, degrading the appearance of your store and hurting the customer experience, and possibly sales.

But a proactive approach to restore and refinish metal surfaces can improve your store atmosphere. For example, restoration using an innovative Metal Conversion System can give outdated brass or bronze assets the more modern, upscale appearance of brushed stainless steel.

The conversion process, along with other metal restoration methods, enhances the look of existing metal assets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Stone Floor Restoration Boosts Safety & Aesthetic Value

Proactive maintenance can improve both the safety and appearance of stone floors. From rain, snow and ice melt chemicals, to dirt and oil from people’s shoes, to ordinary spills, damage to your floor may increase the risk of slip and fall accidents.

By enlisting the help of highly skilled stone floor experts, you can invest in an advanced protection system such as the 3M(™) Scotchgard Stone Floor Protection System, you can keep your floor looking like new and make it easier for customers and employees to walk on.

  • Your technician restores the condition of the floor by stripping away old coatings and diamond honing to remove damage including lippage and scratches.
  • To minimize future damage, two coats of the 3M(™) Easy Shine Applicator System are applied. This product helps the floor retain distinctness of image (DOI), resist scuff marks, and makes new scratches easier to repair using the 3M(™) Tan Burnish Pad 3400.

Wood Restoration Enhances Store Ambience

Although it adds a sense of warmth and richness to your retail space, wood is less durable than metal or stone, so it requires a little extra TLC to keep it looking its best.

Your wood maintenance needs will vary depending upon the extent of damage present.

  • For minimal damage, a simple touch-up or refinishing may be all you need.
  • Ongoing, preventive maintenance is recommended for wood surfaces that see heavy traffic or exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures and other sources of damage. Regularly scheduled touch-ups, cleaning and polishing, and restorations completed in a timely fashion will generally give you better results at a lower cost over time than waiting until extensive damage is present.
  • For severely damaged wood, a complete restoration may be the only viable option. Technicians will strip off the old finish, sand the wood, repair damaged areas, stain and recoat the wood to bring it back to an acceptable condition.

Glass Refinishing Brightens Up Your Shopping Atmosphere

If your store includes exterior glass doors or windows, ongoing maintenance can help retain both functional and aesthetic value over the long term.

Glass can suffer from natural and man-made hazards alike, including snow and hail, salts and de-icing chemicals, and the accumulation of air pollution.

If regular maintenance is neglected, the glass will begin to show signs of staining, etching and other damage.

Proactive maintenance for your glass surfaces includes routine inspections to identify trouble spots, regular cleaning, prompt repair of minor problems and keeping detailed records of maintenance activity.

By repairing damage and restoring the condition of your metal, stone, wood and glass surfaces, you can give your store a fresh appearance that appeals to today’s demanding shoppers.

Do you need to restore the look of your retail store? Contact us at Mid America Specialty Services. We’ll provide the information you need to keep your store looking its best – so the cash register keeps ringing.

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