Campus Maintenance Makes the Grade with Metal Refurbishing, Stone Restoration & Wood Refinishing

Maintaining campus facilities helps you make the grade with prospective students. Comprehensive facility maintenance includes metal restoration services, stone floor refinishing & wood refinishing services. Learn how to include wood, stone & metal refinishing in your campus maintenance plan!


Competition amongst higher education institutions to attract and retain students is tougher than ever.

A Survey of College and University Admissions Directors found that only 34% of colleges met their enrollment targets for the 2017-18 academic year. That number drops to 27% for community colleges and just 22% of public bachelor’s and master’s colleges.

Many factors play a part in an institution’s efforts to attract and retain the best students, including an increased demand for newer and well-maintained facilities.

One study published in 2017 revealed that the quality of facilities influences student perceptions of other important criteria, including the value of educational programming and campus safety.

Mid America Specialty Services has earned the privilege of providing metal, stone and wood restoration services to many outstanding institutions of higher learning, including Duke University, Vanderbilt University, The University of Texas at Austin and The University of Missouri at Columbia.



Based on our extensive experience with higher education facilities, we’ve witnessed first hand that a comprehensive maintenance plan enhances the appearance of buildings and other campus assets, while helping the institution pull off the “wow” factor for visiting students.

  • Plaques, signage and statues tell an institution’s story and must be kept in presentable condition using an advanced metal refinishing process.
  • Restoration and painting of window frames and building entrances helps the university welcome prospective students.
  • Student and visitor safety is of utmost importance. Stone floor restoration using the 3M Stone Floor Protection System provides a slip-resistant finish to terrazzo, marble, concrete and other stone floor surfaces.
  • Wood restoration helps to maintain the character of wood doors, handrails and accents


Metal, stone and wood refinishing can bring new life to campus facilities and make a strong first impression on prospective students and their parents.

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