Exterior Glass and Window Frame Restoration Services

Your exterior windows and glass curtain wall systems enhance the appearance of your building & keep everyone comfortable inside. Learn about the importance of commercial glass restoration services for repairing damage & extending the life of your exterior glass.

Exterior glass contributes to the value of your building through a combination of aesthetic and performance functions. It enhances your facility’s overall appearance and keeps occupants comfortable by regulating the amount of light, heat and noise that come inside.

But window cleaning alone is not enough to remove the damage that can build up over time, nor does it protect against future damage. Let’s take a look at how investing in professional glass restoration can preserve the function and beauty of your exterior glass for years to come.

Problems with Exterior Glass

Window deterioration is easy to ignore because it often takes place slowly. However, your exterior glass takes a lot of abuse from a number of sources. From extreme weather to damage caused by people or just general wear-and-tear, your exterior glass goes through a lot. Here are some examples of damage the windows and glass on your commercial buildings might go through:

  • Extreme temperatures and weather conditions
  • High winds
  • Ultraviolet light
  • Moisture damage from precipitation, acid rain as well as sprinkler systems
  • Manufacturing or distribution damage
  • Vandalism
  • Cleaning or construction damage

In addition to these potential sources of damage, minerals such as calcium can leach out from the building’s concrete. This creates creating unsightly streaks and hard water stains that degrade the appearance and function of exterior glass. This phenomenon can leave permanent damage that is hard to correct if left untreated.

Companies like Mid America Speciality Services can help develop preventative maintenance plans as well as implement restorative services on your commercial property.

Glass and Window Frame Restoration Services

What’s the best way to work on your commercial glass and windows? Traditional window cleaning with soap and water cannot correct problems caused by hard water damage, etching or scratches. Instead, chemical and mechanical polishing by trained glass restoration experts is required. Mid America uses top-notch glass cleaning and restoration strategies to ensure the best results possible.

There are a lot of benefits for doing window and glass cleaning right. Professional glass restoration can extend the service life of exterior glass by correcting existing problems, preventing damage from accumulating and avoiding more extensive repair or replacement costs in the future. In addition, restoration is often more cost-effective than replacing the glass.

Along with restoring exterior glass, window frames should also get some attention. Commercial metal window frames are typically constructed out of aluminum, or in some cases steel, and are available in a variety of finishes. The most common finish is anodized aluminum. Anodizing can produce a variety of colors with the most popular being clear, black and bronze.

Successful Glass Restoration Strategies

Restoration experts from Mid America Specialty Services recently upgraded a St. Louis facility by performing comprehensive window maintenance services that included glass and window frame services. The strategies our experts included polishing the glass, removing water stains and acid etching, and preventing oxidation of the building’s aluminum window frames. Here are some more details about the services we performed:

  • Polishing to remove debris build-up corrects damage without distorting the glass and removes hard water stains and acid etching.
  • Anodized aluminum window frames can take on a chalky appearance as the metal starts to oxidize. If caught early enough, the original anodized surface can usually be cleaned and restored. However, if the anodized finish is too damaged or if you wish to change the appearance of your window frames, durable paint finishes are also available.

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