Metal, Stone and Wood Restoration Add Value to Hotel Maintenance and Renovation

Metal, wood & stone restoration services boost aesthetic appeal & add value to hotel remodeling or renovation projects. Read about stone, wood & metal refinishing for hospitality renovations, including stone floor restoration, refinishing metal doors & more. Call 800-544-4576 to learn more.


With ever-growing guest expectations, tightening travel budgets and competition from upstart services like Airbnb, pressure to create an exceptional hotel or resort experience for vacationers and business travelers alike has never been greater.

That experience begins the moment the guest catches his or her first glimpse of your building’s exterior. It continues in the lobby, at the front desk and on into the meeting areas, hallways, elevators and guest rooms.

The appearance of your hotel facility, inside and out, goes a long way toward making a first impression on new arrivals, and may even affect guest perceptions of overall hotel quality during their stay.

Let’s take a look at how stone restoration, along with wood and metal refinishing for your physical assets, can boost the value you deliver to your guests.

Stone Restoration Preserves Safety & Style

Stone floors and exterior surfaces play a big role in the aesthetic appeal and even safety of your facilities. Keeping them in good condition with stone refinishing can boost the value of an entire building.

Stone Floor Restoration

Stone floors in high-traffic settings take a lot of abuse, which makes the surface look dull, worn, scratched or stained as the luster wears off.

For surfaces like terrazzo, granite, marble, travertine and other stone materials, the damage can add up quickly:

  • An unstable environment can cause cracks.
  • Tracked in pollutants such as sand, dirt and grit from shoes act like sandpaper.
  • Water and other liquids containing acids can also wear down the surface and reduce reflectivity.
  • If the surface becomes unlevel where two stones meet, it creates a tripping hazard.

Regular stone floor maintenance restores the surface and protects against future damage, improving both safety and aesthetic appeal.

  • Proactive maintenance that includes a professionally installed stone floor protection system helps you achieve higher distinctness of image (DOI) and a more attractive floor appearance.

You need more than the occasional mop and bucket to keep your floors in shape. A comprehensive stone floor maintenance program involves three basic steps:

  • Stone floor restoration to bring the floor back to a minimal maintenance condition. A skilled stone floor expert can strip away old coatings, followed by diamond honing to remove scratches, lippage and other damage.
  • Stone floor protection by investing in a superior product like the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System, which reduces maintenance and labor costs, and provides stain, scuff and scratch resistance. It works on materials including marble, concrete and terrazzo.

Ongoing burnishing and maintenance to keep floors in mint condition.

Regular Wood Maintenance Retains Warmth and Richness

Wood doors, furniture, handrails and panels are susceptible to dings and scratches. A regular wood maintenance program can help touch-up these minor imperfections to keep your wood accents looking new.

Substantial fading or changing the look of your wood entirely may require more extensive refinishing.  Mid America Specialty Services can also strip and apply a new stain color and clear protective finish to your wood surfaces.

Metal Restoration Revitalizes Hotel Assets

Like stone and wood surfaces, metal assets in hotels get a lot of abuse. Professional metal restoration can revitalize the appearance of door and window frames, handles, handrails, elevator and escalator trim, plaques and other surfaces.

  • Scratch removal
  • Vandalism repair
  • Field oxidation
  • Restorations
  • Painting
  • Change finish
  • Continuing custom maintenance

Besides damage repair, metal conversion or oxidation can bring a fresh look to your entire property by updating the look of old metal.

Metal Conversion System

A professionally-installed metal conversion system is one way to update the look of elevator doors, handrails or door frames, at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Elevator doors, for instance, make a big impression in high-traffic areas but also suffer from scratches, scrapes and vandalism. Metal conversion offers many advantages over a traditional repair or paint job:

  • Damage is removed through mechanical sanding and hand finishing or polishing.
  • A complete makeover can change the entire look of the surface, for example, from a mirror finish bronze to a satin stainless steel.
  • Metal restoration experts apply an innovative coating that matches the grain of the metal, for a more natural-looking result than traditional paint.
  • Popular finishes for elevator doors include satin or mirror finish stainless; satin, oxidized or mirror finish bronze; or one of many appealing paint finishes.

Metal Oxidation Process

While some properties want a more contemporary look, others hope to make assets look older than they are through metal antiquing and similar services.

Metal oxidation is a naturally occurring process that adds a character-building patina to bronze or brass. The same look can be achieved by professional metal restoration experts:

  • The process begins by stripping existing lacquer and scrubbing the metal.
  • Metal is converted from a mirror to a satin finish.
  • Highlight is applied.
  • Multiple coats of an oxidizing agent are applied to achieve the desired effect.
  • A protective coat or lacquer completes the transformation.


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