Metal, Stone & Wood Restoration Enhance Medical Facility Maintenance

Healthcare facility maintenance protects the safety and well-being of patients, staff and visitors, while boosting the aesthetic appeal of the building. Learn the value of including metal, wood & stone restoration in your health facility maintenance plan.

Maintenance presents a significant challenge for medical office buildings, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, especially when resources are tight.

But cutting corners often leads to bigger headaches later, including expensive repairs, higher insurance premiums and litigation stemming from injuries caused by uncorrected problems.

Let’s take a look at how preventive maintenance that includes stone, wood and metal restoration promotes safety, cleanliness and the overall value of healthcare facilities.

Floor Safety

Keeping patients, staff and visitors safe is a top priority for every healthcare organization.

Slips, trips and falls injure millions of Americans each year, costing billions in preventable medical bills. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, over half of these accidents are caused by the walking surface, while only some are caused by choice of footwear.

One such cause can be due to what is called lippage. Unevenness in tiles and walking surfaces as little as 1/16 of an inch, or the thickness of a dime, can be cause for concern. Lippage can be caused by poor installation or the settling of substrates under floors. A professional floor restoration company can correct lippage though honing floors smooth while also creating a safer walking surface.

Refinishing with the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System increases traction on terrazzo, granite, marble and other stone surfaces, which is another way to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall injuries. Regular honing and polishing by experts from Mid America Specialty Services, along with routine cleaning, keep the floor in excellent condition.


Healthcare-acquired infections rack up between $28 billion and $33 billion in preventable medical expenses each year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes environmental cleaning to reduce the transmission of harmful pathogens, which flourish on frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs and handrails.

Microorganisms love to hide in the scratches that form as a result of vandalism or normal wear and tear. Regular metal refinishing by trained professionals can remove scratches and preserve a smoother surface that is easier to disinfect, helping to reduce the spread of infection.

Floors can also be responsible for harboring microbes and harmful bacteria. A high alkaline surface that is inhospitable to germs can be created through regular cleaning and the use of specialty cleaning agents and coatings.


Healthcare facilities investing in proactive maintenance enjoy higher patient satisfaction than those taking a more reactive approach.

  • The facade and entryways are the first things new patients will see. Professional application of exterior metal paint, advanced protective sealers for limestone walls and removal of hard water stains and streaking from exterior glass all keep the outside of your building looking its best.
  • In addition to facilitating easier cleaning, metal restoration maintains the beauty of many important assets including elevators, bathroom partitions, signage, plaques and statues.
  • Regular stone floor maintenance doesn’t just reduce the slip-and-fall risk, as noted above. It also removes built-up damage for a revitalized appearance and higher distinctness of image.
  • From the occasional touch-up to complete restoration, professional wood refurbishing maintains the condition of elevator cabs, doors, furniture, walls and trim.

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