Get Ahead of the Storm with Stone Floor Protection this Winter

Investing in stone floor protection before winter weather arrives keeps your floors in good condition for better safety and aesthetic value. Learn about 3M® Stone Floor Protection System and contact Mid America Specialty Services to speak with our stone floor experts.

Floor safety and appearance are year-round priorities for commercial buildings in every industry.

But the arrival of winter weather often means additional floor maintenance challenges. Snow and ice events can leave their mark on your building and your budget long after the temperature goes back up.

  • Failure to address floor safety issues caused by tracked-in snow, ice and rainwater can lead to hefty medical bills and expose you to liability in personal injury lawsuits.
  • Unsightly water damage including white residue can be left behind when ice melt mixes with water.
  • Scratches pile up from abrasive particles found in dirt and mud tracked in from people’s shoes.
  • Floors become harder to clean when newly tracked-in particles get trapped in surface scratches.

While prompt repairs are essential, a proactive plan to protect your stone floors can prevent the worst of the damage before the first snowflake hits the ground.

Managers who invest in regular stone maintenance programs in addition to daily janitorial cleaning enjoy both safety and aesthetic benefits, as well as easier cleanup after bad weather, spills and other mishaps. Solutions such as the 3M™ Stone Floor Protection System leverages unique, hybrid technology that increases hardness and improves surface wear.

  • High-traction gloss which reduces the risk of slip and falls
  • Protection against black marks, stains and scratches
  • Easy identification and repair of damaged areas
  • No stripping or deep scrubbing required

In addition to quickly removing tracked in pollutants, regular cleaning and burnishing protect stone surfaces over the long term.

Contact Mid America Specialty Services for more info on how our stone floor experts can keep your floors in good condition year round.

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