Boost Your Elevator Doors with Metal Refinishing

Trying to remove scratches from stainless steel elevator doors? Follow this guide from Mid America Specialty Services to keep your elevator doors sparkling.

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Why should you consider elevator metal refinishing for your elevator doors?

When it comes to the value of your commercial building, appearance matters.

First impressions make a big difference when prospects visit your building for the first time. That’s why it pays to invest in proactive maintenance, especially on public areas such as entryways and lobbies.

Elevator doors, especially those in high-traffic areas, play a big role in making that all-important first impression on prospective tenants and visitors to your building.

What should you do about the inevitable scratches, scrapes, vandalism, and other damage your elevator doors sustain over time? At Mid America Specialty Services, we offer elevator metal refinishing to restore your buildings back to the way they should be.

The Pros and Cons of Metal Elevator Doors

Metal is a popular material for elevator doors because of its durability — it holds up well over time.

Satin finish stainless is probably the most common, but other frequently used materials include satin finish bronze, oxidized bronze, mirror finish bronze, mirror finish stainless, and painted finishes.

Stainless steel and other metals give your elevators a sleek, professional look that enhances the whole building and makes a positive impression on tenants and visitors.

Unfortunately, the metals used for elevator doors aren’t so good at resisting scrapes and scratches.

And with hundreds of people bumping into them every day, over time these seemingly minor flaws will add up and degrade the appearance of your elevator doors and hurt the value of your building.

Saving Money by Refinishing Stainless Steel Elevator Doors

Many building managers think the only way to get rid of scratches is to replace the elevator doors entirely. Unfortunately, that’s a very expensive myth that can lead you to spend a lot more than you have to.

A professional metal restoration service such as Mid America Specialty Services can remove scratches, scrapes, vandalism, and other damage — and it’s a lot cheaper than completely replacing your elevator doors.

Our metal restoration experts resurface the finish with a series of mechanical sanding and hand finishing/polishing. This removes scratches from stainless steel and leaves your doors with a factory-like finish.

Following the elevator restoration process, a variety of finishing techniques can be applied to achieve the aesthetic look and maintenance requirements of your building.

Do you have questions about restoring the appearance of your elevator doors? Contact Mid America Specialty Services at any time. Our elevator restoration experts are here to help.

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