Investing in Preventive Maintenance Contracts for Commercial Buildings

Proactive maintenance for architectural surfaces & other assets boosts the value of your building & cuts repair bills later on. Learn about the benefits of a facility maintenance plan that includes a comprehensive service contract & contact us for more info.

The value of your commercial property depends on how much tenants are willing to pay in rent.

And tenants are willing to pay more when your property is well-maintained and up-to-date. Preventive maintenance for architectural surfaces and other building assets enhances value, which in turn helps you maximize revenue. 

Many property managers worry that planned maintenance will be too intrusive, too time-consuming and too big of a drain on productivity. So they just wait until something bad happens to do something about it.

The reality is that proactive maintenance is more cost-effective than a reactive approach. That’s because it costs less to make small repairs in the short term than larger repairs or replacements down the road. Preventive maintenance also enhances overall value and safety. 

  • Maintenance professionals will identify and correct potential safety hazards before someone gets hurt, saving you liability costs. For example, stone floors become uneven or slippery over time. Regular polishing, honing and resealing not only keeps your floors looking fantastic, but can also boost your slip coefficient for a lower slip-and-fall risk.
  • Elevator doors and other metal assets suffer from scratches, scrapes and vandalism. They may also begin to look out-of-date as interior design tastes change. Regular metal refinishing and conversion keeps architectural metal looking like new without the cost of replacing it.
  • Exterior limestone, glass and other materials take a beating from pollutants and extreme weather, and waiting too long to correct the damage takes an even bigger toll. Your building will be more structurally sound when it gets regular maintenance. On top of that, it will simply look better. Tenants will enjoy living or working there, and they’ll be willing to pay more.

A qualified building services provider will work with you to coordinate a preventive maintenance plan that meets your specifications. Your contract will spell out which assets the service provider is responsible for, which services will be performed and when each service will take place. 

In addition to the potential for significant cost savings, a custom maintenance contract offers other benefits:

  • Better coordination between technicians working on different assets means more consistent results in terms of both function and appearance.
  • Planned service enables you and your tenants to plan ahead, minimize downtime and cut down on disruptions.
  • Enjoy a strong working relationship with a single expert provider who understands the ins and outs of your facility. 


Are you looking to consolidate preventive maintenance services? Reach out to Mid America Specialty Services to find out how our custom service contracts can benefit your facility.

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