Why Consolidate Preventive Maintenance for Metal, Stone and Wood Restoration?

It’s important to have a building preventive maintenance plan. Consolidate that plan and have metal, wood & stone restoration done at once.

If you’re responsible for facility maintenance for your commercial building, you may already understand the importance of a regular wood, stone or metal preventive maintenance program. 

If you wait until something goes wrong before tending to repairs or cleanups, it usually costs a lot more than if you’d invested in ongoing, proactive maintenance in the first place. What’s more, neglecting maintenance can expose you to liability in the event of a personal injury accident on your property.

And it takes more than just mops, buckets and paint brushes to do the job right. The unique characteristics of metal, stone and wood mean these surfaces require specialized attention from qualified professionals.

That’s why it’s best to look for a maintenance service provider with expertise on metal, wood and stone restoration and who understands how these surfaces work together to enhance the function, appearance and value of your building.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of consolidating your metal, stone and wood preventive maintenance program with a single vendor.

Benefits of a Stone, Wood and Metal Preventive Maintenance Program

Your building is much greater than the sum of its construction materials. Consolidating your metal, stone and wood maintenance with a single vendor offers many advantages.

  • Superior results for a more consistent, unified appearance
  • Better coordination between wood, stone and metal refinishing technicians
  • Single point of contact with your service provider
  • Develop strong working relationship with your service provider
  • Save time
  • More convenient maintenance scheduling
  • Fewer disruptions for tenants
  • Potential cost savings

What to Look for in a Comprehensive Maintenance Provider

Ideally, you want a vendor who offers a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your metal, stone and wood surfaces.

Your contract should specify a regular preventive maintenance schedule detailing which services are to be performed during each appointment. For example, some maintenance jobs may take place monthly, while others occur on a quarterly or annual basis.

These regular service appointments keep your building looking its best year-round and spread your costs out evenly over time instead of all at once.

Here are some questions to ask when you’re shopping around for a maintenance vendor for your metal, stone and wood:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can they provide references?
  • How much experience do their technicians have in servicing metal, stone or wood surfaces?
  • What training is required of the professionals who execute the stone, metal and wood preventive maintenance plan? Different types of metal, stone and wood have unique characteristics and must be treated as such when it’s time for maintenance. That’s why you need technicians with the proper credentials.
  • What specific services will they provide during each regular maintenance visit? Are all scheduled services throughout the contract tied into an integrated scheduling system?
  • Are their results guaranteed?
  • What safety protocols does the vendor follow to protect their technicians and everyone who enters your building?
  • Do they use LEED products and processes? If your building is LEED-certified, you must use the correct maintenance procedures in order to maintain your certification.


Do you have questions about the best way to maintain or restore your metal, stone or wood?

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