Acheive Guest Satisfaction through Regular Hotel Maintenance

As any hotel manager knows, guest satisfaction – or a lack thereof – can make or break your success. When customers leave with a positive experience, that engenders a sense of trust in your brand.

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Modern hotel maintenance performed by Mid America Specialty Services

As any hotel manager knows, guest satisfaction – or a lack thereof – can make or break your success.

When customers leave with a positive experience, that engenders a sense of trust in your brand. It also bolsters your reputation, yielding more positive online reviews and word-of-mouth communication. The end result is more bookings, more revenue and higher profits.

That gives you all the more reason to make routine maintenance a top priority. While it may be tempting to view preventive measures as a short-term expense, this approach eventually causes cleanliness, safety and other quality signals to suffer. Treating preventive maintenance as an investment is more likely to yield positive returns over the long haul. 

It’s also important to recognize that hotel maintenance goes beyond daily cleaning and vacuuming. From your building facade to interior assets, architectural materials will show signs of wear and tear over time. Professional refinishing restores the look of masonry, metal, stone, wood and glass and keeps these materials looking like new. This lets you make a favorable impression on visitors.

Guest Satisfaction Essential for Hotel Profitability

Most managers have an intuitive sense that satisfied guests are better for the bottom line than dissatisfied ones. Research has documented many different reasons why this is the case.

First, satisfied customers are generally willing to pay a higher nightly rate. This is mostly true of guests with the highest levels of satisfaction. Another unsurprising finding is that satisfied customers contribute to profitability through positive word-of-mouth, both online and in person. This increases the likelihood that prospective guests will choose you over a competing brand.

Consistency is essential for getting the most benefit out of customer satisfaction. It has been found that cumulative experience has a greater influence on willigness to pay more than a single positive experience. In other words, it pays to go the extra mile to “wow” your guests every time. That means ensuring that everyone who shows up at your registration desk is greeted by an impeccably maintained facility, thoroughly cleaned rooms and friendly, dependable service with every stay. 

The consequences of a negative hotel experience can be just as dramatic. Unhappy guests are more likely to vent their frustrations on social media and to leave unflattering reviews on Google, Facebook and across popular travel websites. Future travelers who see those negative reviews will likely choose a competitor, costing you future bookings you otherwise may have won. 

Routine Maintenance Impacts Guest Experience

From the moment someone pulls into your parking lot, every aspect of the hotel experience has the potential to influence future bookings and word-of-mouth. Routine hotel maintenance must go beyond day-to-day cleaning to prevent and correct unsightly damage to building materials. This contributes to a positive guest experience from check-in to check-out.


Your building exterior has the daunting task of making that all-important first impression on arriving guests. Many factors degrade the appearance of your facade over time, from pollutants to harsh weather conditions including ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures and high winds. This gives your facade a dirty, outdated appearance that may cause travelers to pass by your facility and stay with a competitor. 

Professional facade refinishers will know how to customize service for specific building materials in different geographic locations. Masonry can be cleaned and sealed to remove and protect against water penetration. Specialized treatments can reduce the appearance of etching, scratches and hard water stains on glass surfaces. And metal assets, from aluminum to stainless steel, can be refinished with high-performance coatings to keep pollutants out and retain a stunning appearance. 

Metal Refinishing

Metal surfaces such as door handles, handrails and elevators lose their luster from frequent touching, spills and people bumping into them. This leads to unsightly scatches, smudging and discoloration. Metal refinishing helps to eliminate or reduce the appearance of accumulated damage. High-performance coatings can be applied to resist future damage, make routine cleaning easier and even reduce the spread of microbes from touching metal surfaces.

Wood Assets

Wooden assets develop ugly scratches and staining from bumps, spills, humidity and other culprits. This is why you need to invest in regular care for wood paneling and trim, handrails and furniture such as the front desk and conference tables. 

Wood refinishing can range from simple touch-ups to correct minor flaws to full-scale stripping, sanding and refinishing. This helps remove unsightly damage while allowing the wood to retain its naturalistic character and beauty. 

Stone Floors

Stone surfaces such as marble, granite and terrazzo are popular options for hotel floors. However, damage from spills, foot traffic, luggage carts, and other abuse takes its toll over time. As the floor surface degrades it may also pose a slip, trip and fall hazard. 

Stone floor polishing restores the brilliant shine people expect from stone floors. A high-traction finish applied by trained professionals helps to increase floor safety and reduce potential liability costs. 


Every detail matters when it comes to presenting a flawless appearance. Dirt and debris trapped in grout lines can degrade an otherwise beautiful tile surface in a hotel bathroom. Grout cleaning is also important for kitchens, public restrooms, and behind-the-scenes areas. Professional grout maintenance includes removal of stains from hard-to-reach crevices. It gets rid of mold, dirt and other substanes that build up over time. It’s also essential for killing germs to protect the health and safety of guests and employees alike. 

Are you looking to boost the appearance of your hotel in order to maximize guest satisfaction? Professional architectural refinishing can remove the effects of long-term damage to bring back the beauty of exterior and interior building materials.

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