Quality Metal Restoration Delivers Better Return on Building Facade Maintenance Investment

Quality metal restoration ensures superior results for building facade renovation & maintenance. Look for experts who know how to utilize the right products & apply them correctly. Contact Mid America Specialty Services for more info on our facade restoration services.

Like many historic urban facilities, the Kansas City Museum has taken its fair share of abuse from Father Time.

The museum is currently in the midst of a multi-year, multi-stage renovation to correct over a century of wear and tear, and to update the look, feel and function of the multiple buildings that must protect a vast collection of historic artifacts.

Mid America Specialty Services has been tapped to perform facade restoration to rejuvenate the museum’s exterior metal assets. Our facade restoration expertise includes bringing back the color and luster of stained or scratched stainless steel exterior building panels, faded or unsightly window frames and other architectural metal assets.

Quality metal facade restoration boosts aesthetic value while adding a layer of protection to keep long-term maintenance and repair costs under control. And selecting the right service provider is essential for getting the results you need.

Stainless Steel Panels

Believe it or not, improper maintenance is a significant source of damage to architectural stainless steel. That means who you hire to perform metal restoration is as important as having the work done in the first place.

Look for professionals who are experts in selecting stainless-friendly products while avoiding acidic, corrosive or abrasive substances that do more harm than good. Technicians must also know how to apply the products correctly.

Exterior stainless also suffers from the long-term accumulation of surface deposits, accidents, vandalism and poor installation. How often you need stainless steel maintenance depends your overall aesthetic requirements, exposure to pollution and precipitation, and pedestrian traffic volume.



Metal Window Frames

As with stainless steel, improper cleaning methods exacerbate any pre-existing damage to anodized aluminum. Technicians should opt for mild products and stay away from harsh acidic or alkaline substances which can erode the protective coating.

Salt is one of the biggest enemies of anodized aluminum. That includes airborne salts found in coastal areas like Florida, as well as ice-melt products used in other regions during winter weather events. Salt build-up leads to corrosion, degrades structural integrity and can lead to systemic failure. Other harmful pollutants that accumulate include cement, mortar and dust.

That makes proactive maintenance for anodized aluminum a high priority for preserving aesthetic quality and extending the life of your facility.

In addition to exterior metal, Mid America Specialty Services works on all aspects of facade maintenance and restoration, including repair of etched, hazy or distorted window glass and general-purpose masonry cleaning.

The Kansas City Museum is just one of many organizations, from historic landmarks to high-rise banking headquarters, and athletic stadiums who have benefitted from our facade restoration services.

Contact us today if you need facade restoration for an upcoming renovation or to include in your preventive maintenance program.

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