LaRico Details Cathedral Basilica Stone Floor Restoration

Vic LaRico, Stone Division Account Manager for Mid America Specialty Services, gives an inside look at stone floor restoration work for the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. An ongoing historic restoration project on this Midwestern landmark is set to wrap up by the end of 2019.

Over a century after parishioners first celebrated Mass here in 1914, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis continues to uplift the spirits of members and visitors alike.

An ongoing renovation promises to revitalize and sustain the awe-inspiring beauty of this St. Louis landmark for generations to come. Work is set to wrap up by the end of 2019.

The renovation includes stone floor restoration guided by Vic LaRico, Stone Division Account Manager for Mid America Specialty Services. Vic brings over three decades of expertise to this very special historic preservation project.

Advanced Stone Floor Restoration for a St. Louis Landmark

Mid America Specialty Services’ work on the Cathedral includes applying Simix, an advanced coating and cleaning system. It works on a variety of surfaces including natural stone, terrazzo, epoxy, concrete, tile and grout

  • Vic points out that Simix offers high shine, low maintenance and never needs to be stripped.
  • It is nano-engineered with titanium dioxide, which reacts with light to break down bacteria, viruses and mold for a cleaner indoor environment. 
  • Simix gives stone the highest slip coefficient in the industry for improved floor safety. 

Stone restoration work included stripping previous topicals and cutting with 6 sets of diamond abrasives before applying the Simix coating. 

Ongoing Stone Floor Maintenance

To keep the floors in excellent condition for years to come, Mid America Specialty Services technicians trained staff members to perform routine maintenance. Simix All-Purpose Cleaner is an innovative product that can reduce cleaning costs by up to 70% depending on the usage application.

  • Removes bacteria, mold, grease and dirt
  • Keeps floor cleaner longer
  • Highest non-skid when wet on the market
  • Not affected by salt or snow

The Unique Requirements of Historic Building Restoration

Beloved historic buildings like the Cathedral, Vic explains, have unique maintenance needs that require a different approach from, say, your typical Class A office building.

Many century-old buildings include highly customized architectural elements such as crown molding, ceilings, walls and countertops. Often these features are built with materials that are no longer mined.

Older stone floors with high carbon and calcium content require gentler cleaning and refinishing methods than newer materials. That includes different types of diamonds and grazing for polishing, and non-acidic products that won’t erode the quality of the stone. 

Drawing on Vic’s extensive knowledge, the Stone Floor team at Mid America Specialty Services delivered the high level of care needed to maintain the Cathedral’s aesthetic character and functional quality.

Reach out to us at Mid America Specialty Services to learn more about stone floor refinishing and other services we provide for historic preservation projects.

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