Enhance Patient Satisfaction with Metal Refinishing

Boost patient satisfaction scores and overall patient experience with professional metal refinishing for your healthcare facilities. Contact us to learn more!

A hospital in Tulsa recently grappled with how to bring its outdated bronze entrances and elevators into the new decade.

Managers wanted the modern look of brushed stainless steel, but they worried about the cost of purchasing and installing brand new metal assets. 

Ultimately, they were able to achieve the results they wanted, thanks to the innovative metal conversion system (MCS) from Mid America Specialty Services. This unique refinishing technique transforms the look of existing architectural metal at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Healthcare organizations face tremendous pressure to boost patient satisfaction scores through superior aesthetic value and cleanliness. Professional architectural refinishing services helps address those priorities.

Healthcare Environment & Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is essential to the success of a healthcare organization. Even Medicare and insurance reimbursements are tied to a hospital’s performance on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (H-CAHPS). 

More than 600 studies have found that the hospital environment plays a role in patient assessments and health outcomes. A well-maintained facility makes patients feel safe, comfortable and confident in the care they receive. Building materials, maintenance programs and other aspects can all influence perceptions. 

Cleanliness and Metal Finishes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually recommends metal finishes for healthcare facilities because of their resistance to microbial growth. 

Keeping metal assets clean reduces the spread of hospital-acquired infections. Unfortunately, pathogens love to hide in scratches that appear as a result of routine wear and tear as well as vandalism. Metal refinishing removes those scratches for a smoother surface that’s easier to disinfect. 

Facility Aesthetics

From entryways to elevators to bathrooms, the look and feel of a healthcare facility makes a big difference. Dirty rooms and damaged surfaces present health risks and degrade the patient experience, but proactive maintenance and restoration can boost satisfaction. 

And when it’s time to revitalize the look of an older building, the metal conversion system transforms outdated materials so that they mimic the appearance of contemporary ones. It also lets managers avoid the cost and inconvenience of installing new assets. The new finish takes on the grain of the original metal for a realistic appearance when viewed up close. 

Professional refinishers work with a range of metals and finishes to achieve the desired results:

  • Satin and mirror finishes
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Bronze or brass


Mid America Specialty Services helps you deliver a quality patient experience through professional refinishing for your metal assets. Our technicians work around your schedule to complete the job on time while minimizing disruptions to patients, visitors and staff.

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