Metal Conversion System

Our Metal Conversion System updates the look of metal surfaces without the expense of replacement. Learn more!

You probably already know that maintaining the appearance of your commercial building is vital for making a good impression on visitors and enhancing the value of your facility.

Updating the look of doors, handrails, and other metal surfaces can go a long way towards achieving the right aesthetic effect.

But how do you get the 21st Century look you want without the high cost of replacing all that metal?

As building managers throughout the United States are discovering, that’s where Mid America Specialty Services’ innovative Metal Conversion System (MCS) can help.

The Challenge of Metal Refurbishing

Recently, managers for one Denver company had to determine the best way to update a wide scope of metal surfaces throughout the building:

  • Three building entrances
  • Six exterior handrails
  • Two interior handrails
  • Two elevator entrances
  • Two elevator cabs

At first, the managers considered recladding or replacing all of the metal, but in the end decided that would be too costly. They were unsure about what to do until they learned about a new Metal Conversion System (MCS) developed by Mid America Specialty Services.

How Does Metal Conversion Work?

This advanced process can update the look of any commercial facility simply by converting brass or bronze surfaces to look exactly like brushed stainless steel.

How is this possible? Instead of using paint as with traditional metal finishing services, the MCS applies an innovative coating that takes on the grain of the original metal, for a more realistic, natural appearance, even when viewed up close!

This process saves money and enhances the overall look of the building. “31 years in the metal restoration business and I can’t believe the results with this product!” says Dale Donat, Owner and CEO of Mid America Specialty Services.

The MCS recently proved its value as part of a $19 million upgrade for a 1.4 million square foot office tower in Dallas.

What Are the Results?

Managers for the Dallas project were able to update the look of older metal surfaces so that they now blend seamlessly into the core structure, while reducing the amount of waste left over from the renovation.

This advanced MCS offers four key benefits:

  1. It updates the look of existing metal without the high cost of removal and replacement.
  2. It simulates the look of stainless steel or other desired finishes.
  3. It doesn’t just cover up the metal like paint.
  4. It is durable enough for use on high-wear surfaces like elevator call plates and hand rails.

Meanwhile in Denver, managers have already seen positive results on the work that’s been completed so far.

In fact, one property manager didn’t even realize the exterior handrails and entrances had been converted — she thought they were actual stainless steel!

Do you need to update the look of your facility? Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing metal doors, handrails, and other items?

Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more about our advanced MCS. We look forward to answering your questions, saving you money, and boosting the value of your building.



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