Facade Restoration Expert Offers Insights on Exterior Maintenance

Facade restoration expert Roger Krick discusses refinishing and maintenance for commercial exteriors. Contact Mid America Specialty Services to learn more.

The facade is the face of a commercial building for would-be tenants and customers. It goes a long way toward making that all-important first impression.

But your building’s exterior serves many functions in addition to appearance. It protects against UV radiation, moisture and other environmental hazards. It offers thermal and acoustic insulation. It regulates natural lighting and ventilation for the interior. That’s why a proactive approach to facade maintenance is an essential investment in the value of your property.

Roger Krick, Director of Facade Services for Mid America Specialty Services (MASS), has more than 30 years of facade experience. He has worked on 250 jobs for clients ranging from the Microsoft campus in California to the iconic Equitable Building in Atlanta.

Over the course of his career, Krick has gained a keen understanding of the challenges involved in restoring and maintaining exterior surfaces. He also shares insights into the refinishing techniques that can restore facade materials while protecting against future damage.

Commercial Exterior Maintenance Challenges

Technician refinishing exterior glass

The key difficulty, Krick explains, is in maintaining an exterior finish after it’s been installed. 

Managers must be mindful that the building envelope incorporates many different materials, such as masonry, metal, and glass. For best results, services should be tailored to the individual requirements of each asset.

Exterior components can last for up to 20 years, depending on a number of factors like weather, pollution and maintenance practices. As the finish starts to wear, refinishing can be implemented to prolong the life of the material. If restoration is required, MASS can apply a high-performance coating that carries a 15- to 20-year warranty, Krick says.

He also points to the need for ongoing maintenance after refinishing. Many outdoor pollutants will shorten the life of the finish, requiring more frequent and more costly re-treatment. Periodic washing is one way to ensure that environmental debris and pollutants are removed from the finish to preserve quality.

Comprehensive Facade Restoration & Maintenance

Office building facade with swing stage for refinishing

“We look at all of the facade substrates,” Krick says of the custom facade solutions MASS offers. 

Using cutting-edge refinishing techniques and products, MASS restores and protects multiple architectural surfaces for the long term. Work includes the use of high-performance paints, pre-cast cleaning, sealing and topical coatings. Projects vary by location, depending on factors such as temperature, UV exposure and humidity. 

  • Metal surfaces treated include aluminum, stainless steel, painted or factory-coated surfaces, window frames and more. 
  • Glass refinishing removes hard water stains, etching and other unsightly damage, with advanced polishing for an updated appearance. 
  • Stone work includes expert masonry cleaning, sealing and removal of efflorescence, vandalism and graffiti.

Environmentally-friendly methods create additional value, such as the use of low-VOC products whenever feasible. Working closely with swing stage partners ensures access to odd-shaped architectural features and those that may be harder to reach. Ongoing preventive maintenance extends the serviceable life of the finish. 

If you’re searching for more information on facade restoration and maintenance for a commercial facility, we encourage you to reach out to us at Mid America Specialty Services. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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