How to Clean & Protect Painted Aluminum Assets

Mid America Specialty Services refinishes painted aluminum for many applications, including retail storefronts, historical restoration, government facilities and commercial buildings.

Aluminum is a lightweight and versatile metal, making it a mainstay of commercial buildings in many industries. 

Available in anodized and painted finishes, it is often used for window frames, building entrances and facade paneling, among other assets. 

Damaged aluminum window frame

Painted aluminum offers many advantages. It resists discoloration, corrosion and fading for excellent aesthetic and functional benefits. However, it can be damaged from neglect, dirt, chemicals and other forms of wear and tear. A painted aluminum finish can be degraded by contact with other building materials such as mortar, cement and plaster. It may also be damaged by moisture, fireproofing chemicals, ice melt products and incorrect cleaning methods. 

Mid America Specialty Services refinishes painted aluminum for many applications, including retail storefronts, historical restoration, government facilities and commercial buildings. Our technicians have the expertise to clean and restore the original finish and update the look of existing aluminum with a variety of high-performance coatings and paints. 

High-Performance Aluminum Paints & Coatings

Office building window with painted aluminum frame

Architectural aluminum can be enhanced and protected with high-performance coatings including Kynar-based paint

A popular choice among architects, Kynar is a resin-based metal coating that delivers long-term durability. It is frequently used on commercial, industrial, institutional and residential properties and protects against pollution, weathering and normal wear and tear. Kynar may be factory-applied by manufacturers or applied in the field by professional refinishers. 

Fluoropolymer coatings blend high-performance resins with fluoropolymer lubricants to create a hard, slick coating that looks fabulous and stands up to everyday wear and tear. It offers corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and electrical resistance. Other benefits include reduced friction, reduced galling and nonstick and nonwetting properties. Mid America also provides field application of fluoropolymer coatings, including touch ups for surfaces that have been damaged. Coatings can also be applied to larger assets including entire building facades. 

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) coating is another commonly used product for commercial and industrial applications. It comes in a range of custom colors and can protect the substrate for 20 or more years when applied correctly. PVDF protects against weathering, chalking, fading and ultraviolet light. 

Safely Cleaning Painted Aluminum Assets

Damaged aluminum window frame

Regular cleaning keeps painted aluminum looking like new in between refinishing. Use the gentlest method necessary for best results.

If only light surface dirt is present, simply flush with clean water using medium pressure. If dirt remains after flushing with water, use a mild detergent with a sponge or soft bristled brush. The sponge or brush must be free of grit, to avoid scratching the finish. Immediately rinse away cleaning solutions and dry the surface completely. 

Excessive scrubbing or use of abrasive products may damage the finish. You’ll also want to avoid harsh alkaline or acidic cleaners, along with solvents, paint removers, steel wool or hard brushes. The best time to clean outdoor aluminum is on a cool day in the shade, which prevents cleaning products from drying before rinsing off of the surface. 


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